Beauty By Rocio

"The Beauty Process" Makeup Devotional Book

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If you are anything like me you absolutely love makeup! It is so much fun to apply and to learn new tricks and techniques. Let’s not forget to mention the automatic confidence booster we feel when that face is slayed. Or maybe makeup isn’t your favorite but you are interested in finding out what the hype is all about. I mean, we see it everywhere now!

Much like learning the art of makeup, like wearing a color that does not really match your skin tone, to completely ruining that winged liner (It is okay, it still happens to me too!) to learning that your bad skin care habits is not allowing for that flawless airbrushed look; our walk with Christ can many times feel like a Beauty Process. Learning new techniques, what will work for you and the changes that you are looking for, and oh the trial and errors, we can’t forget those!I wanted to do something different with this devotional book.

My goal at the end of you reading this is to make sure you never look at makeup the same. Reminding us that although it is great to look beautiful on the outside it means nothing if we are sick and dying in our souls. However, it is also OK and possible to live maturing and Godly lives while still being fly.